Our philosophy is simple – it’s about goodness. Goodness for our staff, goodness for our volunteers, goodness for our community… and beyond. We sure aren’t perfect, but we’re  trying to do the right thing, not always getting it right. Our kindness projects mean everything to us. We are kindahappy and that is ok with us – our intent is to be content! We realise kindness breeds happiness, which starts with ourselves then spreads to others, the animals and planet. We believe in community spirit, growing and giving (and smiling of course). Our vision is ultimately a kind and happy international community! Difficult to be 100% happy when we are sensitive to some much injustice in seeking to deliver kindness, hence kindahappy sums us up!

Our mission: To create or support fun places of goodness that inspire positive change.
Our values: fun… inspiring… ethical… compassionate… and wacky!

The Missing Kind

The Missing Kind is a registered charity doing a world of good, quite literally! The charity believes in a compassionate world where kindness has no boundaries. Our mission is to support passion with passion, to help those special people, the Kindness Warriors of life, dedicated to social change and justice.

The Kindakafe

KindaKafe is our vision for a network of kind, interactive Social cafes throughout the world, the ethics guided by tMK but designed to be as inclusive as possible to influence as many as possible with thought provocation and mindful refreshment.   Extending the work of the charity and empower others to spread kindness. More info.  Come and visit KK1 in Norwich which shares the premises with the tMK HQ in Castle Meadow, have a cuppa, rest and be thankful!. 


The Missing Kind’s kindness farm is currently in it’s infancy near Cambridge, and is seeking inspiring pioneers! It will be the hub of Kindness Warriors that make the kindahappy world go round and support social enterprises full of goodness …like Kindahappy. Want to know more? Check out the info on Diggers & Dreamers.


Time… Kindahappy relies on passionate volunteers giving kind time to make the world a better place, and therefore supporting The Missing Kind. Lots of fun and exciting opportunities far and wide in the Kindness Warrior tribe! Check out your closest Kindahappy venue. If we are a plane flight away, check back soon as we plant more seeds.

Dosh… The Missing Kind welcomes donations with a purpose towards specific projects, we will gladly ring-fence donations and ensure that every penny is directed to source.  We dont like to take money without exchange but if you wish to pay your respect to the charity then thankyou for your gift. Just click on the yellow Donate button below.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness” – William Arthur Ward